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Cogent Multifinger Scanner CS500f

A new biometric multifinger scanner, designed in Italy. Our designers have optimized and redesigned it, according to the principles of ergonomics, portability and ease of use.

The Cogent Multifinger Scanner CS500f is the brand new compact ten-finger live scanner: an ergonomic design combined with superior fast capture speed and USB 3.0 technology


A Compact, Ergonomic, Easy To Use Biometric Scanner

The designers of the ZAAFDesign team worked on the restyling of the Cogent multi-finger biometric scanner. The project in the briefing phase required compactness, ergonomics and better usability: a biometric scanner with compact size, an immediate user interface design, better usability and with high ergonomic requirements.
Services and Skills

UI Design: An Immediate User Interface

UI Design Multifinger Scanner

The user interface of the biometric scanner is based on 12 tricolor LEDs: the visual feedback facilitates the acquisition procedure in addition to indicating the fingers to be acquired. In this way the workflow is significantly accelerated.

The Cogent Multifinger CS500f scanner can also be upgraded with a state-of-the-art SW solution that detects fake fingers made from different materials (GB_FFD).

Services And Skills

Ergonomics And Portability: A Functional Restyling

The new model of the fingerprint reader has been designed with a reduced size: it can be used in a desktop setup or integrated into other systems. It is equipped with a useful handle to allow the movement of the scanner in case of mobile installations.

In order to improve portability, we have reviewed the materials of which the biometric scanner is designed: in particular, the restyling involved the use of rubber in co-injection molding to ensure more safety of the device in case of impact.


An Intuitive Biometric Scanner: Design And Ergonomics For IoT Technology

Entirely designed in Italy, the Multifinger Cogent CS500f scanner is a compact, ergonomic and easy to use device: its use ranges from the release of documents to security and identification checks.

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