IFH Instant Fast Heating Water Station
ClientBianco di Puro
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IFH (Instant Fast Heating) Water Station

IFH (Instant Fast Heating) Water Station is an award-winning design created for Bianco di Puro by ZAAFDesign.

Matt and glossy plastics, straight and rounded lines make this IFH Water Station a gorgeous kitchen device.

Style Design: Bianco di Puro IFH Water Station
The Client

Bianco di Puro

Bianco di Puro is a company specializing in high-grade kitchen appliance. The client has required modern and minimal design, which can fit every modern interior.

Bianco di Puro

Style Design: Bianco di Puro IFH Water Station

A 2-in-1 Device

Bianco di Puro IFH Water Station is a 2-in-1 device. Customers get water by heating and obtain a filtrated water at the same time. Using this device have many benefits such as economizing space in the kitchen, and saving time for hot drinks preparation.  

Bianco di Puro Smart Filtering Water Processor uses an Aqua Optima – Brita Filtration System that helps to remove harmful materials out of water.

Services and Skills

Style Design

Style Design: Bianco di Puro IFH Water Station

ZAAFDesign developers have worked on combining several functions in one device and giving it a modern and polished final look.

Matt and glossy plastics, straight and rounded lines, and contrast colors will turn this IFH Water Station into a gorgeous kitchen device. All end-users will find it easy to use due to its responsible touch control panel.

The design has been developed thinking about different purposes of its use, so the Water Station perfectly fits both home and office environments.


IFH Water Station Insights

Style Design: Bianco di Puro IFH Water Station

Control Panel

Led display
Flat sensor function key

Function Key

Preset volume dispensing,
slider-bar temperature control

4 Presets Programs

Coffee, green tea, chocolate, formula milk

Safety Protection

Child safety lock to prevent children from being burned by hot water

Tritan Serving Jug

2L Tritan serving jug
Direct fill water cover design
Size fits for storing in refrigerator slot

Serving Jug Filter

5 steps filtration technology
Aqua Optima filter


Plus x Awards

IFH Water Station designed by ZAAFDesign is an award-winning design. It is honour for us to won Plus x Award in categories High Quality, Design and Ease of Use.

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