Torino City of Design: An Interview with Federico Rossi

During the event Torino City of Design, our Design Manager Federico Rossi was interviewed by Creavan, the First Mobile Hub for Creators operating all across Europe.

I am an Architect and I have worked in buildings design for a number of years. At the same time I entered into the Product Design world and became a full time designer and founded ZAAFDesign together with my business partner Paola Giordano.

We work for different industries using a common comprehensive approach in order to meet the client expectations, to understand the product market positioning and the end user requirements.
This is what a designer normally does.

My opinion about Creavan, I think is a unique itinerant idea that can combine different culture thinking, design language and working method. A melting pot for innovation.

Federico Rossi

About Creavan

Creavan is the firs Mobile Hub operating all across Europe,  organizing events and workshops in the fields of Design and Sustainability. Their mission is to spread the idea of Sustainability & get students involved in the transformation of society into a more responsible & caring community.
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