ZAAFDesign Project Management in China: welcome Mr. Falcon Liao

We are glad to announce that ZAAFDesign now has a Project Manager in China: Mr Falcon Liao.

Mr Falcon Liao has been working in companies such as Wonderland, Max-inf, and GoodBaby, with 20 years of work experience in Child Restraint Systems and Baby Products industry.
ZAAFDesign Project Management in China brings many advantages to our Chinese clients and partners.
Communication becomes easier and faster, the teamwork of Mr Falcon Liao and the head office in Italy, where the Design and the Engineering work is executed, contributes to a more efficient and faster implementation of the projects.

很高兴向大家介绍新加入 ZAAFDesign 设计团队的项目经理 Falcon Liao. Falcon Liao 在汽座行业有近 20 年的研发和工程经验, 曾就职于明门, 麦克英孚, 好孩子等知名婴童用品企业. 将负责 ZAAFDesign 与客户和合作伙伴之间的沟通. 以 Falcon 丰富的行业经验,他的加入将可以让我们之间的沟通更顺畅, 提高项目过程中问题的反应速度以及问题处理的有效性. 各位有任何问题请告知, 以便我们之间展开更进一步的工作.


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