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TechPapa Magician G. 1-2-3 (9 – 36 kg)

Homologation Standards: ECE R44/04

Comfortable when used in Group 1 thanks to the reducer and to the protective headrest, TechPapa Magician presents a very broad backrest and an adjustable headrest in 5 positions, suitable to accommodate the child up to 12 years of age (Group 3).

For maximum safety, even when the child grows, the 5 points harness safety belts can be used up to 25 kg (Group 2).

Designed in Italy by ZAAFDesign, simple lines and accurate details have made this Baby Car Seat a bestseller in its category.

TechPapa Magician

Launched on the market on 2012, TechPapa Magician is still a successful case history of Child Restraint Systems Design, with an average sale of over 40,000 pieces per year.

It’s a successful case history of a Child Restraint Systems designed by ZAAFDesign, due to its unique features and a comfortable design oriented on the end users. All these characteristics made this Child Safety Seat a bestselling seat in its category.


  • Approved in accordance to ECE R44/04
  • Duo Fit. The seat offers two installation modes: using the Isofix connectors and the vehicle’s belt
  • Height adjustable headrest and harness with easy single handed adjustment that prevents rethread errors.
  • Without the safety belt the car seat can be used for Group 2-3 (4-12 years old)
  • 5 reclining positions that can be adjusted any moment, so a child travels comfortably either asleep or awake
  • Isofix system+ Top tether provide an easy, fast and safe installation of the baby car seat
  • Side Impact Protection: the reinforced car seat sides receive and absorb the primary impact in the event of a lethal collision
TechPapa Magician

Marketed by more than 10 global brands

Project Development

ZAAFDesign has worked on the Style proposals created around the structure provided by the Customer. At the choice of Style, the 3D mathematical model of the surfaces was made and delivered to the Customer to proceed with the Engineering phase of the plastic and mechanical parts.

Since 2012, an average of over 40,000 pieces of this Child Car Seat are sold per year, and today more than 10 international brands market this product.

Brevi, Cangaroo, Just Baby, Kraft, Fedora and more.

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