DHF Gemma Stool

The birth of the first sprout: a shape completely inspired by nature with an organic feeling.

Inspired by nature, DHF Gemma Stool design represents a plant’s birth as a tribute to Nature.

Product Design: DHG Gemma Bar Stool
The Client

DHF (Donghong Furniture)

DHF (Donghong Furniture) is the leading furniture manufacturer in China since 1999.



Designed As The Birth of a Sprout

The client has required ZAAFDesign to create a collection of modern and up-to-date chairs using injection moulding technology
During research stage, our designers were inspired by nature: Gemma Bar Stool shapes represent the birth of a plant. From the base of its roots till the rising of the first sprout.

Design inspiration: DHF Gemma
Design Inspiration: DHF Gemma
Services and Skills

Design Development

Design Development: DHF Gemma Chair

Our designers combined organic feeling and modern lines in order to create a contrasting and fresh design for Gemma Stools.

The mathematical development was executed with 3D parametric modelling software taking into consideration materials and technological processes. At the end, 3D CAD data and construction drawings are released for production.


Easily Recognisable Design

We got an innovative chair inspired by nature with a unique and easily recognisable design. Gemma bar stool is perfect for contemporary interiors and for outdoor use.

Furniture Design: DHF Gemma

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