Furniture Design: Olympia Chair

DHF Olympia Chair

Revisit the past in a modern key. This is the essence of Olympia chair designed by ZAAFDesign for DHF. 

Inspired by Art Nouveau, Olympia Chair is one of the best-selling models of DHF.

The Client


DHF (Donghong Furniture) is the leading furniture manufacturer in China since 1999.



A Design that Recalls The Past With A Modern Touch

Donghong Furniture has required ZAAFDesign to create modern and creative injection moulded chairs, ergonomically correct and well balanced, with versatile use in domestic and outdoor  enviroments.
The source of inspiration for Olympia chair is the Art Nouveau, characterised by curved and crossed lines,  hallmarks of art works and architecture of that period.

Services and Skills

Design Development

For Olympia Chair we have chosen matt plastic materials (polypropylene), which give to the final product a sophisticated finish. The chair is ergonomically correct, stackable and light weighted.

ZAAFDesign has provided the client with the structure layout, the style design, and the final 3D data for mould design.

This modern stylish chair looks like an elegant work of art inspired by Art Nouveau period with a sense of lightness given by the empty spaces that characterise the back rest.


Among The Best-Selling DHF Chairs

DHF Olympia Chair is one of the best-selling model of DHF all over the world, due to its individual design and the possibility to use it in different locations.

Furniture Design: DHF Olympia Chair

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